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Precious Metals Forecast 2021
Gold, Silver, PGMs and Rhodium potential remains for new highs. Gold is expected to reach new record highs and silver will likely outperform gold again this year. The platinum group metals, which are heavily dependent on the automotive industry, are likely to remain at a high level with continuing strong fluctuations. Iridium and rhodium, are likely to reach new highs.

Top Resource Stock Picks
ric moves. Top Picks for Mining Stocks, Industrial Materials & Energy, Met Coal, Natural Gas, Lithium, Diamonds, Gold and Silver stocks by top-ranked analysts, money managers and leading newsletter advisors.

Commodities Outlook 2021
Highly-rated Hedge Fund analyst says commodities like Uranium and Gold are underappreciated and forecasts growing demand will push up prices by several multiples. StoneX Group, team analysts give Bullish and Bearish factors for Precious Metals, PGMs, Base Metals, Crude Oil, Coffee, Wheat and an Economic Outlook.

Commodity Prices: Supercycle or Regular Upturn?
Commodity markets may be about to embark on another supercycle – a multi-year, broad-based, and usually large increase in prices – according to research published by some of the top investment banks involved in the sector.

2021 Institutional Investment Outlook
Global Survey of 500 Institutional Investors by Natixis. Sectors that professional investors expect to outperform in 2021. Here’s what institutional investors anticipate for Equities, Fixed Income and Alternatives.

Platinum to Outperform other Precious Metals
Platinum prices have the largest upside potential in precious metals this year, forecasts ABN AMRO. Reasons: Strong Chinese economy, recovery in the industrial sector, higher consumer demand for cars, stringent car emission regulation results, and fuel technology for cars. Demand to outpace supply.

DPGMs in Short Supply Last Year
Platinum, palladium and rhodium, used by the auto industry, were all in short supply in 2020. With supply and demand moving in tandem, market fundamentals should be little changed in 2021, according to Johnson Matthey. The 43-page, PGM Market Report is available to readers.